Saturday, May 15, 2010

Memories !

At work yesterday, I heard a little girl who was visiting her grandma counting. "Ninety eight...Ninety nine...a Hundred...a Hundred and One...a Hundred and Two..." It brought back the memory of my Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Oler. She taught us that "it is NOT a Hundred, it is One Hundred, and numbers do not have 'and' in them. It is One Hundred One."
I know I'm OLD because I often wonder why they don't teach it that way now and what are they teaching the children.
I'm happy I have lived at the time I have. I know that my dad felt the same way about the way we were taught and the time that he lived.
He passed on in 1976. I wish I had been closer to him and I wish I had know him better. He is my standard of honesty and partly to blame for my warped sense of humor.

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  1. Hi! I miss Daddy, too. And Mom, and Roger, and...the rest of 'em.
    I miss you, too.