Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ice cream to keep clean?

Block 2
When I learned to talk, everything started with "Hhh". Since I thought my name was Squeaky, I pronounced it Hehe. Middle name May became Hay. Last name Gayler became Hayler. It got plenty of laughs and I just thought people thought I was cute. I was a gullible child.
My favorite ice cream was straw berry. Knowing this, my mother always ordered a strawberry cone for herself, too. She would eat most of hers and turn to me and say "Look, Mine is the littlest." Being the youngest child at the time, I thought little things were for me. So! I would trade her. Soon, she would turn to me again and say, "Look, mine is the littlest." I would trade again ---and so on. Later in life someone told me she was helping to keep me clean. Yeah, sure!

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